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Laser therapy and

Laser therapy improves healing

Although there have been improvements in the physical therapy of stroke, TPA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator) is the only proven therapy. However, this is a very expensive
treatment and cannot be used universally.

Laser therapy and stroke

Laser therapy and stroke

Recently, low level (LLLT) has been applied to acute ischemic stroke patients. This technique uses LLLT applied to the scalp within 24 hours of the stroke. A study performed at University of California, San Diego Medical Center revealed a significantly improved success rate in patients treated with laser therapy. Further phase 3 testing is planned and may
create a new paradigm for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. The authors postulate that the success was due to increased ATP production.

These types of studies demonstrate the infinite variety of uses for LLLT in medicine and natural therapy. LLLT may turn out to be the ultimate « complementary medicine » tool since it can easily and effectively bridge medicine and natural therapy.

Curr Cardiol Rep. 2010 Jan;12(1):29-33

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