Foraminal or cervical spinal stenosis

The stenosis foraminal cervical is the reduction in the caliber of the foramen from which the spinal nerves emerge on each side of the neck vertebrae. There stenosis spinal cord is the reduction in the diameter of the canal through which the spinal cord passes.


Control radiating neck pain by understanding its origin

Control referred neck pain by understanding its origin: an essential approach to regaining a pain-free life. Find out how to identify and treat the underlying causes of your neck pain to get lasting relief. Stop suffering the side effects of drugs and opt for an effective and natural solution.

Spinal decompression for chronic neck pain

Spinal decompression is a non-invasive treatment technique that can help relieve chronic neck pain by reducing pressure on spinal nerves and discs. This method uses a gentle traction device to stretch the spine and create space between the discs, allowing nerves to work better and reducing pain. The benefits of spinal decompression include faster recovery, reduced pain, and improved mobility.
Prevent neck pain: causes and prevention.
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