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NEW! Just Released: Local Back Pain Expert Exposes The Newest Way To Help Back Pain Sufferers?

?Discover The Amazing New Spinal Decompression Technology That Relieves Back Pain Safely & Easily?



Dear Back Pain Suffer,


If you?re looking for a quick, easy and effective way to remove back pain?you?re going to love this special report. As promised,  here?s what it contains:

  • The secret to relieving your back pain without using drugs, surgery or any weird remedies or quick fixes!
  • 4 Secrets To Relieving Back Pain: You get the shocking truth about getting rid of back pain that many back pain sufferers discover after it?s too late.
  • The one step you can take to possibly (once and for all) relieve your back pain!

If you?re like the hundreds of people in the Metropolitan area, who when they first read this information were a bit skeptical, ?Yea right, back pain secret, I?ve tried everything? they?d say?or, ?I?ve heard it all before, been to the doctors, seen the specialists?.and my back still aches!??


?if any of this is you?it?s okay, you?ll quickly change your mind when you, like them, see how Lumbar Cervical Decompression (LCD) therapy may be able to relieve your back or neck pain. More on that in a minute, first, before you go any further, read the next statement very carefully, don?t read even one more word of this letter until you agree to, ?Forget Everything Anyone Has Ever Told You About Relieving Back Pain ?With This New Technology, You May Be Able To Feel Better Even If You?ve Tried Everything Before!?


Even if you?re in severe pain and fed up with not being able to sit, stand or even sleep without discomfort?maybe suffering this way for months or even years, forget about those crazy promises and maybe some really weird solutions or diagnosis some doctors, friends or even so-called specialists have told you.


You?re about to get the ?no hype?, proven, natural way that many people relieve back pain?without all the glitz and glamour.


Let me introduce our office, “TAGMED clinic”?. We are a Back Pain Relief Clinic. As a matter of fact, most of our day consists of helping people in your exact, painful situation. Many people come to our office each day with back pain and leave feeling much better due to our all new LCD treatment technology. This doesn?t happen with everyone. Sometimes it takes days, even weeks before the pain is totally gone, depending on the severity of your problem.


We have one of the only LCD treatment centers right here in our city and I love hearing or even seeing the tremendous impact this technology is making in the lives of so many people in our neighborhood. Some of our patients suffered with back pain for a long time, some caught the problem in the beginning stages (very smart), but all, before they used this all new technology, were suffering, maybe like you are right now.


The pain was impeding on their quality of life, stopping them from doing activities they enjoyed, and virtually ruining their zest for life. Every day, whether it was a night out with the family, or a day home with the kids, was wrecked due to the inconvenient pain in their lower or upper back.


?Here?s What You Need To Know To Relieve Your Back Pain And Possibly Prevent It From Getting Any Worse??


I wrote this Free Report with the hopes of you not having to suffer anymore. It?s a little longer than what you?re used to reading, and it may take you 5-10 minutes to read, but I believe it?s the best 10 minutes of text any back pain sufferer could ever read.  It contains what you need to know if you want to relieve your back pain and do your best to prevent it from getting any worse. But what if you?ve been down this road before? What if you?ve tried ?new technology? before? Or what if you?re planning on seeing another doctor for your problem?maybe you even have an appointment made for this week with another so-called specialist?


All this doesn?t matter. Even if you?ve seen 14 doctors, spent thousands on specialists and even had surgery?after taking the tiny little action step that I?m going to propose to you, you may be closer to living without back pain than you?ve ever been before.


As you can see, I am fond of all kinds of health professionals who treat back problems, I am one. So, don?t get me wrong or take what I said or am going to say in the wrong way. Many health professionals (including MDs, physios, osteopaths and chiros) have knowledge and training and have helped millions cure ailments, treat disease, and even heal those that are sick. Our world really wouldn?t be the same without them. So, it?s not that I?m not fond of them; I?m just not fond of when a health professional tries to fix my car. (A health professional fixing my car?)


You see, when you have a problem that is affecting your quality of life, a problem that?s preventing you from enjoying time with your family, stopping you from living life to the fullest?.and when this problem is beyond your control to fix, you must find someone who can help you solve that problem. Someone who specializes in exactly what you have. Someone who knows your problem better than you know it despite living with it for so long!


You see, if my car isn?t running well, if it?s stalling, the engine fails, and tires go flat, the last person I go to is a health professional. Why? Chances are they don?t know about these things because they aren?t or weren?t trained to deal with them or treat them.


I know right now your back is probably aching, you?re in serious discomfort, and the last thing you want to hear right now are analogies about health professionals fixing cars, or anything else OTHER THAN specific ways you can quickly and finally stop the suffering and pain you have in that darn back.


On the other hand, if you waste time listening to people who don?t know about your problem, haven?t had any experience solving a problem such as yours, and who do not have training or knowledge about the solution to your problem, you?re going to waste even more time (and money too), not to mention make your problem worse and add months, even years, of suffering.


?Who Else Wants A Possible Solution To Relieve Their Back Pain??


I?ve said all that to say this: What you?re feeling right now?the physical pain of excruciating pain in your back, the emotional pain of being frustrated and agitated daily because of this needling obstacle in your life that prevents you from enjoying anything, or the mental pain of having no place to turn?you need a Back Pain Expert, one that lives, breathes and eats what you?re going through and one that has the technology to help you and make you feel better?.I believe I can help you by using our LCD system.


Why? Well, it?s not only because I?ve had the training and experience to solve your back problem, and it?s not only because I?m going to have the guts to tell you exactly how it is?. it?s mainly because I can offer what most doctors, physios osteopaths or chiropractors in this area cannot?that?s right. The Amazing New LUMBAR CERVICAL DECOMPRESSION (LCD) Technology!


This is the newest most successful technology for severe chronic disc herniations, degenerative or bulging disc, Sciatica and neck pain. Studies have shown over a 86% success rate in eliminating these conditions with this new technology.


Even if you just read this report and never contact our office in the future, the information I?m about to share with you may save you years of pain and suffering if you listen carefully.


SO what is LCD? Basically, without getting too technical, ALL the pressure is taken off your spine and discs and negative pressure is created. What happens is this negative pressure actually sucks the herniated material back into the disc, rehydrates the disc at the same time and allows it to heal. By naturally rehydrating the pinched disc and drawing the herniated material back into the disc, pinching of the nerves is relieved and so is the pain. It takes away the true cause of your pain and symptoms instead of masking it with drugs or cutting the herniation out with surgery.


There are chronic severe patients who have been around the block, they have usually taken injections, they have done physical therapy, osteopathy, even chiropractic and every other type of treatment. Some even considered surgery or living a life in constant pain. They were desperate. They were open to other areas to solve their pain. And guess what?when they tried LCD a huge percentage of them felt better!


?So What?s LCD Treatment Like??


Well, it?s very simple and safe.


The advanced computer system automatically adjusts to the proper angle of distraction, an hydrolic system acts as a fulcrum to the angle of pull, allowing us to target the specific discs that? are causing your pain and symptoms.


The distractive forces utilize a logarithmic curve to avoid proprioceptor response, which would create muscle spasm. The split table design decreases friction and allows separation of the vertebra, minimizing the effect of gravity. Basically, you lay face up and the amazing LCD computer simulates an anti-gravity effect on your back that helps disc material return to its normal position and stop the pain.


Our patients describe the treatment as a gentle, painless, intermittent pulling of your back. Many patients actually fall asleep during treatment!


You?ll typically undergo 5 to 20 treatment sessions, depending on the chronicity of your problem. Each treatment lasts between 15-20 minutes. This, of course, depends on your individual case and is determined by a thorough evaluation.


Following each session, a cold pack should be applied to help pain relief and speed the healing process. It is important to note that many patients get substantial, immediate relief after just a few treatments. Some after just one. The really good news is? this is not something you have to continue to do for the rest of your life! So it?s a very small commitment on your part!

  • Imagine living the rest of your life without pain!
  • Imagine waking up each day with zero back pain!


Now, you may be sick and tired of trying new things. Maybe you?ve tried everything else already. Even so, YOU MUST give LCD a try!


Maybe you?re considering the family doctor, your friend?s doctors and every other type of doctor. There are many times a patient legitimately needs surgery. Some wounds, accidents and natural born deformities require surgery. However, for the average back pain patient, SURGERY may not be needed. This probably means you.


?Why Do People Have Surgery Even When They?ve Seen And Heard About The Poor Results? Just Ask This Person??


Good question. Ask the man I recently read about that was mountain climbing(This is a true story and you can probably remember reading about it a few months back.)


He was thousands of feet on the side of a mountain when he ran into a bit of a problem. His arm got caught between a rock and with his hang cord. He literally hung there trying to release himself for over 48 hours! His life was now in danger. He had to make a decision.


Will he starve up there? Will he die, or will he choose to cut his arm off!! (I don?t mean to get so graphic, but the point of this story will be an eye opener for you if you?re even slightly considering surgery.) He chose the latter. Yep, he chose to cut it (arm) off. True story. With his small buck knife he slowly removed his arm so he could free himself from dying. He later said that he didn?t regret his decision. He said he?d rather save his life and live it with one arm, than have the opposite happen.



The last thing in the world any of us would do is cut our arm off! However, if it meant our life was at stake, we may consider it, but only in that situation would we do something so desperate. Which leads me to this: Why would someone cut off his or her arm? DESPERATION! No other choice! The last option! The only option!


Why does someone with back pain get their back operated on? Why do they choose the ?cut? option? DESPERATION! The only option! No other choice!


Someone once said, ?My people perish for lack of knowledge!? also, ?With knowledge comes responsibility!? After reading the rest of this free report, when I reveal to you a simple, effective way to eliminate your back pain without surgery, you will no longer have to consider getting surgery because you will have the knowledge of a tiny little secret that most people who get surgery don?t even know about until it?s too late. Fortunately, this isn?t going to be you.


?So, if my family doctor really doesn?t know how to eliminate back pain, and the only thing he or she will do is recommend me to a back doctor which will probably end up in the operating room, who does know, how can I get help to remove my back pain??


 ?Don?t Start Here If You Want To Relieve Your Back Pain!?


 ?Give me some pain killers!? ?AHHHH I feel better!? ?Wait a minute, it hurts again?? ?AHHH, more pain killers, I feel better!? Wait a minute?.? and so on.


Or, ?My doctor told me I just have to live with the pain..? Or, ?I?ll just go get another MRI, maybe they?ll find something this time?? Or, ?Maybe I?ll just take the plunge and get the surgery, I?ll only be out of work for a few weeks, forget about the risks or side effects?I?ll be okay??


YOU must start by helping yourself by acknowledging the following 4 Secrets that most back pain sufferers either don?t know or ignore about back pain:

  1. Back pain is a symptom, usually not the problem
  2. Back pain isn?t eliminated by drugs (this is the biggest deception)
  3. Your body is equipped with a built in ?back pain removal system?   for me to use anytime
  4. Back pain gets worse by lack of maintenance and poor physical health


Listen, this isn?t some mumbo jumbo stupid attempt to get you to buy some supplements or magic back pain relief pill. This is me trying, yelling desperately, ?DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER. YOU MAY BE GOING THE WRONG WAY, LET ME HELP YOU!!! YOUR BACK CAN POSSIBLY FEEL BETTER, YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE PAIN FREE, STOP, STOP!! You need to give this almost incredible new technology called LCD! I?ll show you how in a minute.


?Here?s The 4 Secrets To Start Living Life Again And To Start To Finally Stop Your Back Pain From Ruling Your Life?


Here?s what you need to know, even before you think of trying LCD technology:


Secret #1: Know that back pain is a symptom, usually not the problem


Imagine going into a new home that you?re considering buying. You see how beautifully laid out it is, the creative architecture, and admire the gorgeous pictures on all the walls.


Then, for one reason or another, you notice a small mark peeking out behind one of the pictures. You walk closer to investigate and you notice that behind the picture there?s a gigantic hole. You remove the picture from the wall and see that the hole is deep and wide and inside it contains tiny little insects covering the entire frame of the wall.


You continue to remove the pictures and notice that the entire house is rotting away with termites. You ask the owners of the house what they?re doing about it and they respond by telling you not to worry about it, their game plan is to just cover the holes with as many pictures as possible. As the termites eat away at the walls, just put up more pictures.


This is a perfect example of how most people treat back pain! Instead of dealing with the problem, they deal with the symptom. They put a proverbial band aid on their back, thinking this will cure the excruciating pain!


Your body is like a big ship floating on the sea. When a hole gets poked into the ship, regardless of where the hole is, the entire ship will start to sink! You can?t sink half of a ship!


Your back pain can be caused by a variety of ?holes? in your ship. You need someone to help you discover each ?hole? patch it up, and the malfunctioning part of the ship with will run properly again, you?ll start feeling yourself again, pain free living life to the fullest.


For instance, there are many nerves that connect to sections of your back. If one, even one, of these tiny little nerves is ?touched? improperly, it can feel as if a knife is jabbing into your back.


Back Pain Relief Secret #1: Fix the problem not the symptom! This is exactly what LCD will do for you!


Stop the pain by finding out what?s really causing it, fix the problem and feel great! Spinal decompression focuses directly on the nucleus of the problem by sucking the herniated material back into the disc, rehydrating the disc and allowing it to heal. Talk about bulls eying the problem! (I?ll show you how you can try LCD for free in a second, but first let me share with you the biggest deception back pain sufferers fall prey to everyday and how you can avoid this and prevent physical and mental disaster!)


 ?Discover The Biggest Deception Back Pain Sufferers Fall Prey To Everyday And How You Can Avoid This And Prevent Physical And Mental Disaster!?


Secret #2: Know that back pain isn?t eliminated by drugs (this is the biggest deception):


I know of young boy who had a disastrous visit with his dentist when he was four years old. It started when he had a weird allergic reaction to milk as a baby. The allergic reaction destroyed his baby teeth, and to prevent his permanent teeth from being affected, the dentist had to put caps on his teeth when he was 3 years old.


When he was 4, his mother brought him to the dentist to remove his caps and the dentist had to give him Novocain so he wouldn?t feel any pain when removing the caps. The procedure was successful, and the dentist instructed the boy that his mouth would be totally numb for a few hours. His mother reminded him not to bite his lip, like he had a habit of doing on a regular basis.


She said because of the numbing, he could possibly do serious damage to his mouth if he bit his lip. Like most 4 years olds?, who sometimes do exactly opposite of what mommy says, the young 4 year old boy began to bite and chew at his lip in the waiting room as his mother was taking care of the paper work with the secretary.


Before long, blood began to stream out of the boys mouth. He couldn?t feel it because his mouth was numb so he continued to chew and bite. When his mother saw him she noticed the blood and rushed him to the emergency room for stitches. He had literally bit the inside of his mouth almost completely through to the cheek!


Obviously, this story wouldn?t have happened to an adult, right? An adult would be smarter than that right? You would think so, but unfortunately some adults do this same thing with their back because of medication!


You see, your back pain can probably be fixed or relief can probably start when we discover what?s causing it. However, if you become deceived and take drugs to eliminate the pain, all you will do is make it worse!! Avoid destroying your back permanently by getting as far away from pain killers as possible!!


Pain killers simply shut off your brain from feeling your pain. They tell your brain not to acknowledge the pain, the pain is still there, you just don?t feel it! This fools or deceives you into doing things you wouldn?t normally do, and makes it worse.


Pain killers are not good. Before you choose to take another pill or even decide to start if you haven?t already, find out what?s causing that pain!!!


Back Pain Relief Secret #2: Pain killers are the biggest deception and simply tell your brain to ignore the pain. Avoid them as much as possible and prevent yourself from doing permanent damage to your back!


 ?How To Use Your Very Own Back Pain Removal System!?


Secret #3: Know that your body is equipped with a built in ?back pain removal system? for you to use anytime!


The human body is designed with intelligence beyond any human description! Just one molecule of DNA has more information stored in it than tens of thousands of computers! Your body has main built in functions and repair systems that automatically operate anytime something goes wrong.


One built in system is actually a warning system?it?s called pain!! You know much about that. Right now you may be sitting at your computer reading this with pain in your back. If so, you?ll be glad you?ve spent the few minutes reading this report because in a minute, I?m going to give you a simple solution to possibly relieve your back pain faster than you thought.


First, let?s talk about ?pain?. Without ?pain? we would destroy ourselves. Without pain telling you your back hurts, you would have destroyed your back ten times over by now!


?Pain? tells us when to stop. It?s a natural function of our body. Another natural function of our body is healing. We see this when we have a simple paper cut. Our body goes through several healing stages, it scabs up, and eventually goes away. Your spinal and nervous system have the same capacity.


However, imagine if every time you saw your paper cut start to heal, you started to pick at and open up the wound again? Obviously, it would never heal. The body?s natural systems wouldn?t have a chance to work!


The same with your back pain and healing IT. You need to allow your back to naturally heal itself through your built in back pain removal system! How? By first stopping re-cutting yourself and starting the healing process! Although LCD is a medical computer technology, it uses non-drug and non-surgical procedures to help stop the pain!


LCD fixes the problem, and then allows your body to start to heal itself and voila! You could become pain free!!


You must put your back into a position (no pun intended) to heal itself by finding and zeroing in on the problem, then fix?.this is the essence of LCD! This will give your built in back pain removal system a better opportunity to work!


Secret #3: Use Your Built In ?Back Pain Removal System? by first discovering the actual problem.


?Are You Making Your Back Pain Worse Without Even Realizing It??


Secret #4: Know that back pain gets worse by lack of maintenance and poor physical health.


I know you don?t want to hear this now, especially when your back is aching. You?re saying, ?Great, fix my back, use LCD, eliminate the pain, and then I promise I?ll start doing the preventive maintenance!?


Preventive maintenance could be exercise, regular treatments, and living a healthier lifestyle. Remember, you can?t sink half of the ship! Do these things and stop the pain before it starts!


Secret #4: Regular body maintenance will prevent future back pain and stop existing back pain from getting worse. So even though you won?t have to use LCD forever?you need to take care of your body forever!


Okay?now that you have all the secrets to relieving back pain, the number one thing you should do is give LCD a try. And that?s exactly what I?m going to give you an opportunity.


?The Most Important Step You Can Take To Start Feeling Better!?


This, and for this reason only, is why this free report is so important. Why? Because right now, it?s that important for you to take some action in the right direction. You must discover why that back of yours is killing you, destroying your dreams and ruining your quality of life. I highly recommend you visit our office for a Free Spinal Exam and One Free Treatment to see if you qualify for this amazing treatment.


Your  analysis will include A consultation with us, to discuss your problem and answer ALL your questions you may have about back pain and the LCD and A complete back pain case history and questionnaire to help determine if you are a candidate for the LCD.


If you decide to consult us, and spinal decompression is not for you, we promise to do our best to detect, fix, and possibly eliminate what?s causing your back pain (we have MDs, physios, and osteopaths working as a team in our clinics), and like so many others, you can possibly start living pain free, maybe even as fast as 24-48 hours.


However, you have to act now. This Free Consultation opportunity may be gone within a few days. Obviously we can?t give away this offer too long and still expect to have time to help all of our existing patients.  So, don?t lose this opportunity, and visit us at our clinics in Laval or Terrebonne. This Free Consultation is valued at $60 and will only be available for a limited time by completing the form below.


Information without action is procrastination. You have the information; now take the action to find out what?s causing your back to ache.


We look forward to seeing you soon and remember?never believe anyone when they tell you you?re stuck living with your back pain.


To your health,


TAGMED clinic staff



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