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The osteopathic care offered by Sylvain Desforges, Doctor of Osteopathy, is both very high tech and based on advanced studies after completing a Bachelor's degree and two doctorates. Moreover, you will be hard pressed to find a clinic offering such a diversity of services under one roof.


Childhood of Sylvain Desforges osteopath


From the age of 5, Sylvain Desforges, osteopath, already knew that he wanted to work in the health field.


  • I was born in Montreal on November 27, 1964.
  • But, in 1965, at the age of 6 months, I was very ill and was losing weight. No doctor knew what to do to keep me alive. It was then that I was saved thanks to the adjustments of Dr. Jean-Paul Bergeron, chiropractor.


Studies and diplomas of Sylvain Desforges osteopath


Votre ostéopathe n’a jamais cesser d’étudier afin de vous offrir ce qui se fait de mieux comme traitements. En effet, sa philosophie est la suivant: «si ce traitement est bon pour ma propre mère, il sera alors acceptable pour mes patients».


Exceptional Academic Career of Dr. Sylvain Desforges: A Chronology of Excellence and Diversity in Complementary and Manual Medicine


Diploma Title Obtaining Date Description
Diploma of college studies (DEC) 1982 – 1984 Completed health science at CEGEP Édouard-Montpetit.
Certificate in English 1984 Certificate in English as a Second Language obtained from Concordia University.
Undergraduate doctorate (DC) 1990 Obtained from Palmer University, USA, with over 5000 hours of training.
Bachelor of Science in Human Biology (B.Sc.) 1990 Major in human biology and double minor in philosophy and English, from Palmer University.
Diploma in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) 1996 Training in nutrition, homeopathy and dietary supplements.
Certificate in Laser Therapy 2008 Obtained from the American Society of Laser Therapy.
Neurovertebral decompression training 2008 Accredited by the Southern California University of Health Sciences, USA.
Certificate in osteopathy 2004 Obtained from the College of Osteopathy of Quebec in Montreal (COQM).
Diploma in Naturopathy 2004 Obtained from the College of Naturopathy of Quebec in Montreal (CNQM).
Undergraduate doctorate in osteopathy (DO) 2016 Obtained from the National University of Medical Sciences, Spain.
Certified in Sports Medicine by FIFA 2022 Specific training for football medicine clinicians, delivered by FIFA.


In addition to these degrees, you have completed thousands of hours of continuing education in various fields such as osteopathy, naturopathy, spinal decompression therapy, laser therapy, complementary medicine, functional medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, as well as various structural, cranial and visceral manual medicine techniques.


Achievements of Sylvain Desforges osteopath


Sylvain Desforges is a hard worker who is always motivated by a job well done and by the desire to provide his patients with the most advanced treatments available.


Table of Accomplishments:

Year Accomplishment
1991 Beginning of practice in osteopathy.
1992 Television series on natural health care for Videotron community television.
2005-2014 Pratique à la «Clinique TAG» à Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.
2007 Introduction of laser therapy at the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu clinic.
2007 Implementation of spinal decompression therapy at the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu clinic.
2008 Appointed expert by the Office des professions du Québec for the regulation of osteopathy.
2010 Opening of the first spinal decompression therapy franchise in Laval.
2010 Training in functional medicine.
2011 Opening of two spinal decompression therapy franchises in Montreal and Westmount.
2012 Expansion with franchises in Quebec and Gatineau; opening of the Laval clinic.
2013 Establishment of a spinal decompression therapy franchise in Sherbrooke.
2014 Opening of a clinic in Lachenaie (Terrebonne).
2015 Launch of a spinal decompression therapy franchise in Jonquière.
2016 Opening of a franchise in Alma.
2019 Partnership as a consultant with the Neurotherapy Montreal clinic.
2021 Partnership as a consultant with the Beaumont Pain Clinic.
2022 Partnership with Elna Médical as consultant.


Competences of Sylvain Desforges osteopath


In addition, Sylvain Desforges osteopath uses a large number of techniques in his practice. Here is a non-exhaustive list:


  • Myofascial Technique: Used to treat muscle dysfunction, this technique involves the stretching and movement of muscles and fascia.
  • Joint Mobilization Technique: This method aims to increase the range of motion by applying gentle, rhythmic movement to the joints.
  • Cranio-Sacral Technique: This gentle method is used to treat imbalances in the craniosacral system, which includes the bones of the skull, spinal cord, and cerebrospinal fluid.
  • Positional Release Technique: By placing the patient in a comfortable position, this technique aims to reduce muscle spasms and pain.
  • Counterstrain technique: This method involves finding a tender point and treating it by positioning the patient in a position that reduces pain.
  • Muscle Energy technique: Used to treat movement restrictions, this technique involves the patient's controlled muscle contraction against resistance provided by the practitioner.
  • Lymphatic Technique: Used to encourage lymphatic flow, this method can help reduce swelling and improve immunity.
  • Swing Technique: This gentle method uses body weight and breath to encourage movement and relaxation.
  • Structural Technique: This approach aims to align and balance the structure of the body, focusing on the bones, muscles and connective tissues.
  • Functional Technique: This method uses gentle movements to explore natural ranges of motion and find positions of facilitation or ease.
  • Neurological treatment (Reflex)
  • Therapies for athletes
  • Ergonomics
  • Posturology


Member of several associations


  • ACMA (Canadian Alliance of Alternative Medicine)
  • COC (College of Canadian Osteopaths)


President and founder of several associations


  • ACMA Association (Canadian Alliance of Alternative Medicine)
  • COCs (College of Canadian Osteopaths)


Languages of Sylvain Desforges osteopath


  • French (mother tongue)
  • English (mastery)


Interests of Sylvain Desforges osteopath


  • Sports: field hockey, soccer, skiing, cycling
  • Music: classic rock
  • Cinema, reading, nature, motorcycle


Therefore, your osteopath, Sylvain Desforges, has never stopped doing continuing education in order to offer you the most effective treatments possible based on current evidence.


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