Shockwave Therapy Special Report


“Free Report Delivers The ‘How-To’ Secrets To Pain Relief and calcium deposits removing Revealing An Amazing New Technology That Relieves Aches & Pains and blasts calcified ligaments other structures (Without Hardly Any ‘Effort’ On Your End)…”


Now You May Be Able To Finally Get Your Life Back & Eliminate The Pain Faster & Easier… Read Below!

(Plus, Discover Why Some health professionals May Wish You Never Found This Website!)


In The Next 4 Minutes, You’re Gonna Find Out Exactly How You Can Relieve Your Aches & Pain Without Having To Take Dangerous Drugs!


Dear Pain Sufferer,


You’re about to get the real deal, plain truth on a brand new technology that  relieves most types of aches and pains! Many pain sufferers in Laval or Terrebonne never knew about this tiny little piece of technology until they read this report. Their eyes became open to the simple solution…and many finally rejoiced when they relieved their pains, aches and inflammations!


If you have aches or pains or you’ve been suffering from any variation of tendonitis (calcified or not), bursitis (calcified or not), heel spur, Achilles Tendon Injuries (Tear, Pull, scar tissu) tennis elbow, sprains or strains, knee, hip or ankle pain, tennis or golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff injury or calcification,  even post-operative wounds/pain, then you’re going to love this Special Report! It truly contains some info about a little known technology that can relieve these types of pain & discomfort! And you may be saying right now, “That’s great, fine and dandy…




I know. It hurts. You hate trying to work, You hate trying to sleep, You’re not as effective and productive and you can’t take the pain!! You’re fed up. All because these aches and pains won’t go away! If you’re like most people with these types of pains, it can just about ruin everything from your productivity at work, to a night out with your friends. And it seems you’ve tried everything. You do the stretches, the bends, the walks, anything to ease and forget about the pain.


You probably remember when it first started when you never imagined it would get like this. You thought it would go away, but like so many others like you have learned, it just keeps getting worse. You are considering surgery. But you don’t want to…you just want your life back!


I know it’s difficult. I see many people such as yourself that complain “When is it going to stop!” you ask.


Let me introduce our office, « TAGMED clinic »…. We are a Pain Relief Clinic in your neighborhood that uses a very special new technology called  “Shockwave Therapy”. Not many clinics use this technology because they don’t have the training or experience, or technology to do so. I decided to write this report because my office is practically flooded with now happy people (who were suffering) who love this new Shockwave “Pain Relieving” Technology. I think you’ll love it too.


I want to help you but if you want the pain to stop, you must listen very closely, especially to what I’m about to say right now about getting your life back and relieving the pain. First you must forget about everything you ever heard before about pain relief. You may even have to take a few steps back. It’s not your fault. It may seem like you’ve legitimately tried to get the right help. But only the truth is going to help you now.


It’s like going through a tough emotional hurt. Maybe losing a loved one, breaking up with a spouse, or let’s take even having a disagreement with a close friend.


Then trying to make that hurt better by approaching the individual to reconcile, but in the process you make the matter worse. You upset the person by saying something wrong or worse yet, by doing something that makes them angry. Now they don’t want to speak to you ever again. The feeling you would have would be terrible.


It’s like you took the right step but ended up going three steps back. It’s the same with many pain sufferers. If they only knew what you’re about to discover, it would have saved them time, money, and many days of pain and suffering…


“Here’s The Grave Mistake That Many Pain Sufferers Make…”


Taking 3 steps back is bad, and it’s because most people believe and fall for all the fallacies and old wives’ tales out there about pain relief.


For instance, when most of our patients first come in, we ask them (as most walk into our office with their pills in hand, eyes watering with pain as they take out their insurance card or to complete the patient questionnaire), “What took you so long, why prevented you from coming in sooner?”


Nine out of ten times these helpless almost hopeless patients reply, “My family doctor told me to ___________” Or “My good friend told me to__________” …”but it didn’t work, I’m still in pain and I can’t take it!”


Now, you can fill in the blanks above with:

  • take medication (any pain, arthritis, etc.)
  • wear wrist splints (wrist pain)
  • get a cortisone shot (shoulder pain)
  • have surgery (sports injury)
  • do these exercises


The list goes on…


Why didn’t these things work to cure their aches and pains? Why do many people GET WORSE when they do these things? Why don’t they work long term for thousands of misled people every day? Simple. The reason is: These are temporary solutions. They address the symptom not the problem.


Then why are all these fallacies and old wives’ tales circulating so fast and so believable by the public?  Who’s spreading them? Unfortunately, many times some health professionals don’t know any better. Are they hiding something and why don’t they just come clean and give us the real deal answers? Many don’t know any better.


“Why Most health professionals Wish You Never Knew This Little Tiny Secret…”


First, don’t get me wrong, I love family doctors, physios, osteopaths and chiropractors! I have nothing against them. However, if my family doctor tried to fix my plumbing, I wouldn’t feel he was qualified or knowledgeable about this subject. This goes exactly the same with most health professionals regarding certain aches and pains.


They don’t have the technology or know-how to fix the problem because it’s not what they were trained on and it’s not their specialty! Nothing against them, they just weren’t schooled in finding the cures, nor to treat certain types of aches or pain. They’re not a health professional that exclusively deals with these certain pain sufferers everyday, day in, and day out.


They don’t want you to know that finding the source of the pain will cure the problem, because they are not trained to find the source. No one likes to expose their “lack of”, especially when that someone is supposed to know. This results in thousands of un-needed operations and useless procedures, and we’ll speak about both in a second.


To sum it up, some health professionals do not treat the actual source of pain. In effect, they treat the symptom not the root of the problem. It’s not because they’re bad people, it’s just because they’re not trained to treat the root of the problem, only the symptoms.


My goal with the next 3-5 minutes is to give you some critical knowledge and information that will help you relieve your pain by finding the exact culprit that’s causing the pain and then giving you a chance to tackle it (maybe for good) with our all new “Shockwave” technology.


“Discover What Happens To Many People Who Try To Treat Their Pain With Drugs or Surgery!

(The Horrifying Truth About What These Things Do To Many Pain Sufferers)


Plain and simple, too much (even small doses in some cases) of drugs and medication will make things worse for you. They’re a temporary fix. They numb the pain only, not heal the problem. They also have potentially dangerous side effects. One woman I know was on cortisone too long, became dependent on it, and literally destroyed her bone structure. Her bones became weak and fragile and would break at the slightest impact.


Then we have the surgical option. Surgery is not always successful when dealing with carpal tunnel, back pain, arthritis, even rotator cuff. A man I heard of got Carpal Tunnel surgery just a few months ago. Not only was he out of work for 5-6 weeks (only received basic pay, lost money), but his surgery made things worse. Now he doesn’t have any feeling in his index finger tip and still suffers from wrist pain.


So, what do you do to relieve the aches and pains and get back to doing the things you used to do before the sore, tender pain came along? You must take some sort of action that will get to the root of your problem and systematically take care of your pain once and for all!


“So What Is ‘Shockwave Therapy’?”


Shockwave therapy is a noninvasive modality used to stimulate healing, particularly in ligament, tendon, or bony structures. A shock wave is a high-energy sound wave that rapidly increases pressure as it travels through tissue. Generally, shock waves are generated by a carefully controlled spark within a fluid-filled probe, which then sends a focused sound wave through the tip of the probe and into the body.


Firing shock waves repeatedly at tissue creates microtrauma, which stimulates an increase in blood flow and new blood vessel formation in the target area. Improved blood supply and provision of tissue nutrients are important features of every healing process.


Although Shockwave’s exact mechanism is not yet fully understood, researchers have identified specific biologic tissue responses including the release of inflammatory cytokines and growth factors, as well as regulation of tumor necrosis factor, interleukin, and bone morphogenic protein. All these substances stimulate active tissue inflammation and, thus, stimulate the healing process.


While not a total panacea, Shockwave does elicit active inflammation in a chronic, nonhealing injury—in effect, it jump-starts the healing process. Shockwave Therapy has been proven to speed healing and improve healing quality.


The average treatment can be as little as a few minutes. Treatments are rapid and only slightly painful. You see, our shockwave unit is from the new technology which is a lot less painful than what it used to be just 5 years ago. Shockwave therapy is the most modern form of pain control therapy. Shockwave Therapy is quickly becoming the first line of attack in pain control and tissue healing in rehabilitation medicine. It is safe, quick and easy to apply.


“Give Me 10-15 Minutes And You May Be Pain FREE, Have Your Life Back, And Avoid Any Future Pain And Suffering!”


If you’re willing to simply take an action step in the right direction, you can be pain free and get your life back fast, but more importantly, avoid any future pain and suffering. This is where most people have the most trouble. Not actually knowing what they must do, it’s actually doing it. Procrastination is the biggest obstacle you need to overcome.


The best way to do this is to force yourself to move away from any excuse, and take definite action towards what you know needs to be done. Are you beyond the thinking stage and ready to take the action you need to? If so, in a minute I’m going to ask you to give me 10-15 minutes of your time and a total opportunity to take the action you need to possibly fix your aches and pain once and for all.


You need to take advantage of this opportunity so you can experience a health professional that deals with this every day and can determine your actual reason for your pain.


Before doing anything, you must have someone examine you to determine what exactly is going on. Even though you may have been diagnosed with something specific, it may be something totally different and easier to fix.


“Who Else Wants To Live Pain FREE…?“


We’re located right here in Laval and Terrebonne and we can do tests like this for zero costs, i.e., FREE. That’s right FREE! We’re offering any pain suffer a free “Shockwave Therapy” diagnostic test and consultation for FREE! All you have to do is say yes and take it.


This Free Consultation is valued at $60 and will only be available for a limited time by completing the form below.


For you, it’s perfect timing. Here’s why:


First, you must take care of your problem. You need to find out exactly what the real, true cause of your pain is; we’ve already established all that.


Second, you don’t want to continue trying to find out on your own and put off the problem even more than you may have already. You know that, chances are, you’re situation could get worse and cause even more, difficult problems. This would be very bad.


Third, you also know that it’s not the smartest thing to go to a non-specific pain doctor (regular doctor) because he or she will probably recommend some of the not so optimal things we spoke about: drugs, surgery, meds, etc. Having you moving in the opposite direction you need to be going in.


Fourth, you need to spend a few minutes and try our all new “Shockwave Therapy” and see how it can sometimes immediately make you feel better. That’s exactly what we do here at “TAGMED clinic” in Laval and Terrebonne.


To get your Free Consultation, just complete the form below. After you complete the form below, we’ll send you an instant Free Consultation Certificate worth $60. You can look it over. When you come in for your Free Consultation, we’ll do an evaluation and pinpoint the exact problem so we can concentrate on the healing the root of the problem not the symptom. In other words,


“If You Want To Feel Better Fast And Maybe Even Take Care Of Your Pain Forever, Take This Tiny Little Step And Get Rid Of It For Good!”


Chances are, we can get you feeling better instantly within minutes of your Free Shockwave Therapy Consultation!


Here’s what you need to do now if you want to get to the bottom of your pain, get your life back, and rid your wrists of that awful nagging feeling forever:


Simply complete the form below and get the Free Shockwave Therapy Consultation Certificate (Value $60) instantly in your email…


Set aside a few minutes and look it over. If you decide to, we can meet at our office at a convenient time for you, we’ll evaluate you, target the problem and give you an action plan to rid the pain consistent and permanently! In any case, grab the Free Shockwave Therapy Consultation Certificate by completing the form below.


You have nothing to lose. Let us help you, it’s what we do every day and we know exactly what you’re going through.


Remember, don’t put this off. Even if for some reason you’re still considering surgery, family doctor recommendations, or pills, you must try to solve the real problem first before doing the temporary options and before your problem gets worse and worse due to neglect. We can help.


Again, just complete the form below and let us take care of the rest! The ball is in your court!


To your health,


TAGMED clinic staff


Remember, this offer is only valid for a limited time. We can’t give this away forever! This is a no obligation Free Shockwave Therapy Consultation Certificate to determine the exact cause of your pain! You’ll feel great knowing exactly what’s causing your pain (and even better when you leave with relief!)


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