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Laser therapy and tuberculosis Laser therapy better then medication What if medication does not cure TB? Could Low level laser therapy (LLLT) help? In this controlled trial more than one hundred patients were treated two times per week for five weeks with Low level laser therapy LLLT and medication. One interesting aspect of this study is that the follow up was conducted for two years after treatments to insure accuracy. Laser therapy improve medication After 10 treatments 51% of the LLLT group were cured, compared to 16% in the medication group. The researchers concluded that LLLT is an effective adjunctive therapy along with antitubercular drugs in cases of chronic TB. The message for clinicians is that laser can be used to improve the results of almost any type of medication or natural therapy. (Indian J Tuberc. 2010 Apr;57(2):80-6). Vous pouvez consulter notre page qui traite de la thérapie au laser medical For more information please consult our specialized website about Low level laser therapy References Bajpai A, Jain NK, Avashia S, Gupta PK. Randomized, double-blind study on role of low level nitrogen laser therapy in treatment failure tubercular lymphadenopathy, sinuses and cold abscess. Indian J Tuberc. 2010 Apr;57(2):80-6. PMID: 21114174. […]