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Low level laser therapy (LLLT) and cancer Studies have proven that low level laser therapy (LLLT) reduces the symptoms of oral mucositis, which are terribly painful mouth sores caused by the toxic effects of chemotherapy. However, unlike these previous studies, the researchers in this experiment wanted to assess if there was any improvement in the Quality of Life of patients receiving radiation and low level laser therapy (LLLT) for head and neck cancer. Low level laser therapy (LLLT) and Quality of life Sixty patients were studied and objective tests were performed to assess the patient’s Quality of Life during radiation treatment for cancer. Quality of Life was defined as a composite of many factors including pain, function of the head and mouth, anxiety, and physical appearance. Low level laser therapy (LLLT): Positive effects The results showed that there was a significant improvement in the Quality of Life of the patients who received low level laser therapy (LLLT). So, unlike our worries about low level laser therapy (LLLT) negatively influencing the lives of cancer patients, these newer studies are showing POSITIVE effects. To date, these positive studies have all used cool lasers, not hot ones. At the present time, because research […]

Laser therapy and dental abscess

Laser therapy for dental abscess Laser therapy beneficial effects There is a lot of research showing the beneficial effects of laser therapy in the veterinary and dental fields and this study confirms the value of laser therapy in both professions. These researchers reported on the successful treatment of a chronic dental abscess and infection in a Wallaby, an Australian animal that looks like a small kangaroo. Laser therapy decontaminated pulp cavity This report describes a case of jaw bone infection involving a tooth that was successfully treated using endodontic techniques with low-level laser therapy at 810nm, the same wavelength as the Apollo. The low level laser was deemed important for successful decontamination of the pulp cavity, because of its anti-inflammatory, and biostimulatory effects. This study shows how versatile laser is for humans and Wallabies! By the way, for those of you interested in trivia, the Australian national rugby team is nicknamed the “Qantas Wallabies” J Zoo Wildl Med.2010 Dec;41(4):703-9. Vous pouvez consulter notre page qui traite de la thérapie au laser medical For more information please consult our specialized website about Low level laser therapy References Kilgallon CP, Bicknese B, Fagan DA. Successful treatment of chronic periapical osteomyelitis in a […]


Laser therapy for brain injuries Laser therapy might heal the brain It is well known that laser therapy is helpful for all types of pain and soft tissue problems. However, one of the most exciting trends in laser therapy is the use of lasers to heal the brain, nervous system, heart, lungs, and liver. The following two studies demonstrate the value of laser therapy in treating the brain. In the first study, patient 1 had a traumatic brain injury for 7 years following a motor vehicle accident. 500 milliwatts of laser therapy was applied directly to the patient’s skull. Initially, the patient was only able to work for 20 min. on her computer. After eight weekly treatments, her ability increased to 3 hours! The patient continues to perform nightly home laser therapy treatments because if she stops treatment for more than 2 weeks, she regresses. Laser therapy can improve cognition Patient 2 had a history of traumatic brain injuries following a sports accident, a fall and military service. An MRI showed frontal lobe atrophy. Before treatment to her skull, she was on medical disability for 5 months. After 4 months of laser therapy treatment, medical disability was discontinued and she […]