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thérapie au laser


How laser light helps cells repair themselves CAN gentle doses of laser light help cells to heal?

– THE NEW SCIENTIST, October 11-15, 2003 How laser light helps cells repair themselves CAN gentle doses of laser light help cells to heal? The technique is sometimes used to treat problems such as tinnitus and joint pain, but with no explanation for how these therapies work, there is scepticism over whether the effect is real. Now a physicist has come up with evidence that the physical forces generated by low-energy laser beams may switch on cells’ repair mechanisms.   This will support the growing body of evidence that laser therapy is beneficial. At the Joint International Laser Conference in Edinburgh, UK, last month, researchers reported promising results for fields as diverse as IVF and spinal injury. For example, rats with damaged spinal cords made a better recovery if their wound was illuminated with near-infrared laser light, reported Kimberly Byrnes of the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. Her team found that in light- treated rats, levels of interleukin-6, which is involved in inflammation, were only 1 per cent of the levels in a control group of rats. But Byrnes does not know how to explain the result. .’There are a million different theories,” she says. One […]

Le Tunnel Carpien

Signes & Symptômes Définition: Le syndrome du tunnel carpien est lié à la compression du nerf médian du poignet. Ce nerf est responsable de la sensibilité du pouce et des 2 ou 3 doigts voisins. Il est également le nerf moteur qui commande les muscles à la base du pouce. Le tunnel carpien, formé par le ligament carpien transverse et les os carpiens. Le «canal carpien» est en fait un tunnel formé en arrière par les 8 petits osselets du poignet, qui ont la forme d’une gouttière ; cette gouttière est fermée en avant par un ligament très épais, le «ligament annulaire antérieur du carpe».   Symptômes : Elle se traduit initialement par des fourmillements dans les doigts, puis par des douleurs nocturnes aux mains. Par la suite, une douleur brûlante et paresthésies à la surface ventrale de la main et des doigts avec une douleur irradiation de l’avant-bras, apparaîssent graduellement. De plus, une diminution de la sensation de distribution du nerf médian et une atrophie des muscles à la base du pouce peuvent survenir. Les symptômes peuvent aligner des dysfonctionnements mineurs ou sévères. Les cas modérés se résolvent par l’évitement des facteurs. Une fois une femme enceinte donne naissance, par exemple, l’oedème des poignets disparaît et […]


Low energy laser therapy has been shown — at appropriate dosimetry, wavelength, duration, and site-specific application — to reduce tissue pain/tenderness, normalize circulation patterns in tissue trauma, and increase collagen formation in wounds. by Tiziano Marovino, PT, DPT, MSc, BA, BHSc, BRLS, Dip.PT, FAAPM    

Seeing the Light

How Light Therapy is surprising skeptics and gaining converts By Rich Smith Once he saw the light, a 59-year-old Texan became a changed man. Not emotionally or spiritually, but physically. The man was a patient at Park Cities Physical Therapy in Dallas, suffering from right upper extremity reflex sympathetic dystrophy. A diabetic with heart disease, he’d developed complex regional pain syndrome after a surgical procedure that compromised circulation in his forearm and hand.