Introduction to the TAGMED Clinic and your consultation

Welcome to the TAGMED Clinic, where our mission is to provide the highest quality health care in the areas of neurovertebral decompression, osteopathy, laser treatment and shock wave therapy. Founded by Dr. Sylvain Desforges, osteopath, our clinic is at the forefront of non-invasive treatments for various musculoskeletal conditions.


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Professional Assessment: Our Approach

Our dedicated team begins each treatment journey with a comprehensive professional assessment. This crucial step allows us to understand your specific needs and determine the most suitable treatment for you. condition.


Spinal Decompression Therapy: An Overview

The Spinal decompression therapy is an advanced technology for the treatment of spinal disorders. It aims to relieve pressure on the spinal discs and promote natural healing.


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The Science Behind Spinal decompression therapy Neurovertebral decompression is based on advanced scientific principles. It uses cutting-edge technology to create a controlled vacuum, which reduces the pressure exerted on the intervertebral discs. This method promotes the rehydration of the discs and the reduction of herniated discs, thus providing significant pain relief.


Customization of Decompression Treatment Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan, based on a detailed assessment of their specific condition. Decompression machine settings are adjusted to meet individual needs, ensuring a treatment that is both safe and effective.


Benefits and Expected Results Patients treated with neurovertebral decompression often report a noticeable reduction in pain and improvement in mobility. This treatment is particularly beneficial for cases of herniated discs, sciatica, and other spinal-related disorders.


Osteopathy: Understanding its Importance

Osteopathy is an approach holistic treatment that treats the entire body. It is effective in treating a variety of conditions, focusing on strengthening musculature and improving mobility.


Osteopathy Treatment For Lower Back.


Holistic Approach in Osteopathy Osteopathy is distinguished by its holistic approach to the human body. It does not limit itself to treating symptoms, but seeks to identify and treat the underlying causes of bodily imbalances. This comprehensive approach promotes more complete and lasting healing.


Manual Techniques in Osteopathy TAGMED Clinic osteopaths use a variety of manual techniques, such as joint manipulation, soft tissue massage, and mobilization. These techniques help restore mobility, reduce pain, and improve blood and lymphatic circulation.


Benefits of Osteopathy Osteopathy is effective in treating a wide range of conditions, including back pain, musculoskeletal disorders, headaches, and digestive disorders. It is also beneficial for improving general well-being and reducing stress.


Laser Treatment: Advances and Benefits

Laser treatment uses light beams to reduce inflammation and speed healing. This non-invasive method is particularly effective for soft tissue injuries.


Laser Therapy


Principles of Laser Treatment Laser treatment works by directing beams of focused light onto affected areas. This light penetrates the tissues, stimulating cell regeneration and speeding up the healing process. The treatment is non-invasive and painless.


Applications of Laser Treatment The laser is particularly effective in treating soft tissue injuries, such as sprains, tendinitis and bursitis. It is also used to speed wound healing, reduce inflammation and relieve chronic pain.


Safety and Effectiveness of Laser Treatment To the Clinical TAGMED, we use the highest quality laser equipment, ensuring safe and effective treatment. Our patients benefit from a rapid reduction in symptoms and a notable improvement in their quality of life.


Shockwave Therapy: A Revolution in Treatment

The shockwave therapy is a modern solution for chronic pain, stimulating the regeneration of damaged tissues using acoustic waves.


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Mechanism of Action of Shock Waves Shockwave therapy works by sending high-energy acoustic waves into affected tissues. These waves stimulate cell regeneration and improve blood circulation, which speeds up the healing process.


Indications for Shock Wave Therapy This therapy is particularly effective in treating conditions such as epicondylitis, plantar fasciitis, and calcifications of the tendons. It is also used to treat certain chronic conditions resistant to conventional treatments.


Benefits of Shock Wave Therapy Patients treated with shock waves at Clinical TAGMED often report rapid improvement in pain and accelerated recovery. This therapy is non-invasive, without the need for anesthesia, and has few side effects.


Initial Consultation Process

Your first visit to the Clinical TAGMED includes a detailed assessment of your health, a complete history and a physical examination.


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Welcoming and Listening to the Patient During your first visit, our team pays particular attention to your concerns and your medical history. This attentive listening is essential to understanding your unique situation and to establishing a relationship of trust.


Complete Physical Exam Your initial consultation includes a complete physical exam. This may include mobility tests, muscle strength assessments, and postural analyzes to determine the exact cause of your symptoms.


Discussion of Treatment Options After the evaluation, we discuss the available treatment options with you. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your care plan.


In-depth Diagnostic Analysis

We base our treatments on advanced diagnostics to identify the precise source of your symptoms and develop a treatment plan. effective treatment.


The Doctor Examines The Result Of An Mri Of The Spine


Use of Advanced Diagnostic Technologies We use cutting-edge diagnostic technologies, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and radiography, to obtain an accurate picture of your condition.


Expert Interpretation of Results Our healthcare professionals are highly skilled in interpreting diagnostic results. This expertise ensures that your treatment plan is based on an accurate understanding of your condition.


Collaboration with Other Specialists If necessary, we collaborate with other healthcare specialists to provide an integrated and comprehensive treatment approach. This multidisciplinary collaboration may include physicians, neurologists, rheumatologists, and other healthcare professionals. Our goal is to ensure that all aspects of your condition are addressed, allowing for more effective and targeted treatment.


Exchange of Expertise and Knowledge As part of this collaboration, we share our knowledge and expertise with other specialists to develop strategies for innovative treatment. This interprofessional exchange enriches our understanding of various pathologies and improves therapeutic results for our patients.


Personalized Treatment Planning

Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan, designed to meet their unique needs and promote optimal recovery.


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Developing an Individualized Care Plan At the TAGMED Clinic, each treatment plan is carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of our patients. After a comprehensive evaluation, we combine various treatment modalities, such as neurovertebral decompression, osteopathy, laser treatment, and shockwave therapy, to create an optimal treatment regimen.


Active Patient Involvement We firmly believe in the importance of active patient involvement in their care journey. We take the time to explain every aspect of the treatment plan, emphasizing the importance of active patient participation, whether through following recommendations or making lifestyle adjustments.


Reassessment and Adjustment of the Treatment Plan The treatment plan is reevaluated regularly to ensure it meets the patient's changing needs. This dynamic approach allows the treatment to be adjusted according to the evolution of the patient's condition, thus guaranteeing the best possible results.


Monitoring and Evaluation of Progress

We provide regular follow-up to assess progress and adjust treatment if necessary, ensuring the best possible results.


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Regular Monitoring of Treatments Regular follow-up is a key element of our approach at the TAGMED Clinic. We schedule follow-up appointments to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and to ensure patients are making progress toward their health goals.


Use of Objective Measures To assess progress, we use objective measures, such as pain assessments, mobility tests, and functional analyses. These measurements help us quantify improvements and adjust treatment accordingly.


Continuous Communication with Patients We maintain ongoing communication with our patients to encourage and support them throughout their treatment. This communication is essential to ensure a positive care experience and to motivate patients on their healing journey.


Commitment to Clinical Excellence

At Clinique TAGMED, our commitment to clinical excellence is at the heart of everything we do, ensuring the highest quality care.


Mri To Diagnose A Bulging Of The Disc


Adherence to the Highest Standards At Clinique TAGMED, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of healthcare. This includes the use of the latest technologies, evidence-based treatment methods, and ongoing training of our team.


Continuous improvement of Services We are committed to a process of continuous improvement of our services. This involves staying up to date with the latest research, adopting new treatment techniques, and collecting feedback from our patients to constantly improve the quality of care.


Ethics and Professional Integrity Ethics and professional integrity are at the heart of our practice. We treat each patient with respect, dignity, and an unwavering focus on their well-being, ensuring the highest quality care experience.


Contact and Appointment

To schedule your professional consultation, please contact us via our website or by phone. We look forward to helping you on your healing journey.


Ease of Taking Appointment Make an appointment at the TAGMED Clinic is simple and practical. Patients can contact us by phone or through our website to schedule their consultation.


Warm and Professional Welcome From your first contact, you will be greeted by our dedicated team who will make sure to answer all your questions and guide you through the consultation process.


Commitment to Accessibility and Responsiveness We are committed to being accessible and responsive to the needs of our patients. Our goal is to make the care experience as smooth and positive as possible, starting with first contact through post-treatment follow-up.


FAQ - Prices


  • Does the TAGMED Clinic offer regular monitoring during treatment?

    Yes, we provide regular follow-up to assess progress and adjust treatment if necessary. 

  • How can I maximize the effectiveness of my treatment?

    Following your practitioner's recommendations, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and communicating openly about your progress and concerns are essential to maximizing the effectiveness of treatment. 

  • Is the treatment plan adjustable based on progression?

    Yes, treatment plans are re-evaluated and adjusted based on the patient's progress and response to treatments. 

  • How does the TAGMED Clinic assess treatment needs?

    We perform a comprehensive assessment during the first consultation to understand the specific needs of each patient. This assessment helps us develop a personalized treatment plan. 

  • Is it possible to predict exactly the number of treatments needed from the start?

    It is often difficult to accurately predict the exact number of treatments from the start. An initial assessment can give an estimate, but this may vary depending on the patient's response to treatment. 

  • What are the criteria influencing the number of treatments necessary?

    Several factors can influence the number of treatments required for each patient, including:

    • Severity and Chronicity of the Condition: More serious or chronic conditions may require more sessions.
    • Age of Patient: Age can influence recovery ability and response to treatment.
    • Daily activities : The type of activities, professional or leisure, can affect healing and the number of treatments.
    • Ability to Follow Instructions: Adherence to recommendations and post-treatment instructions plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of treatment.
    • General State of Health: Overall health, including other medical conditions, may influence response to treatment.
    • Individual Response to Treatment: Each individual responds differently to treatments, which may affect the number of sessions needed. 
  • Are there financing options for expensive treatments?

    We do not offer direct funding for treatments. We advise our patients on cost management and available payment options. 

  • How do I plan my treatments according to my budget?

    We are available to discuss processing and payment options tailored to your financial situation. 

  • Do you provide receipts for treatments?

    Yes, itemized receipts are provided for each treatment, useful for insurance reimbursements or tax deductions. 

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We require 24-48 hours notice for appointment cancellations or changes. 

  • Do you offer discounts, promotions or negotiations on your fees?

    We do not offer discounts, promotions, specials or negotiations on our fees. Our prices reflect the quality and value of the care we provide. 

  • Is it possible to get a quote over the phone?

    It is difficult to provide an accurate quote over the phone because assessing a patient's specific needs often requires an in-person exam. We recommend an initial consultation for an accurate assessment and personalized quote. 

  • Are there any hidden fees beyond the listed prices?

    We practice a policy of total transparency. All costs will be clearly communicated during your consultation. 

  • What payment options are available?

    We accept various payment methods, including cash, debit and credit cards. 

  • Are the treatments covered by health insurance?

    Many treatments may be partially or fully covered by insurance. We advise you to check the details of your cover with your insurer. 

  • Do you offer treatment packages?

    We do not offer treatment packages. As each patient has a unique health condition, our treatment plans are personalized and tailored to each individual. 

  • Are treatment prices fixed or can they vary?

    Our prices may change to reflect technological advances and market adjustments. We are committed to total transparency regarding our prices. 

  • How are treatment prices established at the TAGMED Clinic?

    Our prices are based on the use of high-tech equipment, the rarity and exclusivity of our treatments, and the extensive expertise and years of experience of our practitioners. 

  • What are the fees for your treatment ?

    The fees for the treatments at the clinic TAGMED vary depending on the type of treatment and services provided. We will provide you with a receipt for insurance needs and our rates are competitive. The best way to know the exact price is to consult our section "prices" here 

    In general, the first visit will cost you between $100 and $130depending on the treatment that will be necessary for your condition.

  • Is there a fee consultation and / or examination ?

    Yes and no: the clinical TAGMED bill a consultation fee only if the patient does not want to start treatment the same day of his first visit, and if this consultation took more than 15 minutes. However, if you do a treatment on the day of your first visit, we will charge no consultation fees: you only pay fees for the treatment you have received. See the price list of treatments here. Otherwise, the fee for an initial consultation will be $85.

    In the same way, there will be no charge for your initial exam, if you make your treatment the same day. 

    For information purposes, and to those who would not be certain of the difference between a treatment, a consultation and a review, here is a short summary: 

    A consultation is a discussion between a therapist and a patient in which the therapist asks questions about your state of health, and the condition for which you see, gives advice and offers different tests to evaluate you. 

    By contrast, a review is a procedure that allows the practitioner to gather more information about the health of the patient, and can include physical tests (amplitudes of motion, orthopedic tests, or neurological) or even an assessment based on the report of your test, X-ray, MRI, ct or ultrasound.

    Finally, a treatment is an intervention plan designed by a therapist to treat or reduce the symptoms of a health condition (eg, herniated disc) or injury (e.g. lumbar strain). Treatment may include treatment manuals, traction and/or therapies such as laser or the shockwave, as the case may be. See the list of treatments offered at the clinic TAGMED here .

  • How much will it cost me the first visit?

    The first consultation at the clinic TAGMED can cost between $75 and $185, depending on the type of treatment provided. Complementary therapies may incur additional fees. For example, if you consult us for the treatment of one or more herniated discs that are located in your lower back, you will pay $130 for a decompression treatment neurovertébrale to a region of your spine. By the way, if you'd rather a decompression treatment neurovertébrale for one (or more) herniated disk in your lower back, and a second treatment for a herniated disc (or several) in your neck, it cost $185, because it is of two treatments in two different regions (table decompression neurovertébrale can't do a pull-up of your neck and back at the same time: it may not be that of a region (the lower back or neck) at the same time. See the full list of prices by clicking here