The best treatment for herniated discs in Montreal with the TAGMED Clinic: A complete approach for a pain-free life!



Herniated discs are a common medical condition that can cause severe pain and functional limitations. If you live in Montreal or the surrounding area, the TAGMED Clinic is here to offer you innovative and effective treatment solutions.



Herniated Disc Treatment In Montreal Tagmed Clinic Montreal Terrebonne


Understand the herniated disc

The spine is a complex structure made up of vertebrae, intervertebral discs, ligaments and muscles. The intervertebral discs act as cushions between the vertebrae, allowing fluid mobility of the spine. A herniated disc occurs when the kernel gelatinous disc vertebral protrudes through a crack in the fibrotic ring external.


Causes of herniated discs
  • Natural wear and tear: As we age, intervertebral discs can lose elasticity and hydration, making them more susceptible to cracking.
  • Injuries: Accidents, falls and sudden movements may cause damage to the intervertebral discs.
  • Overweight: Being overweight can put additional pressure on the spine, contributing to disc deterioration.
  • Improper PosturePoor posture can also contribute to the degeneration of the intervertebral disc.


Symptoms of herniated disc

The symptoms of a hernia disc may vary depending on the location and severity of the hernia. They may include:

  • Pain in the back or neck: The pain may be acute or chronic and may worsen with certain movements.
  • Numbness or tingling: These sensations can occur in the arms or legs and are often associated with nerve compression.
  • Muscle weakness: Compression of the nerves can lead to weakness in the affected muscles.
  • Radiating pain: The pain can spread along the route of a nerve is compressed, creating a burning sensation or sting.


Herniated Disc Treatment In Montreal Tagmed Clinic Montreal Terrebonne


The TAGMED Clinic: Your partner of choice in Montreal for the treatment of herniated discs

The Clinical TAGMED is a treatment center specializing in herniated discs and other spinal disorders. Located in Montreal, our clinic is made up of a team of dedicated and experienced professionals.


Why choose the Clinic TAGMED?
  • Expertise: Our team has extensive experience in the treatment of herniated discs and other spinal conditions.
  • Innovation: We use cutting-edge techniques, including Spinal decompression therapydelivering effective treatment.
  • Personalized approach: Each patient is unique, and we are committed to providing a personalized treatment plan.
  • Welcoming environment: Our clinic offers a warm and comfortable, where you will feel supported and understood.


Treatment Options for herniated discs in the Clinical TAGMED

We offer a full range of treatment options for the herniated discs, adapted to the specific needs of each patient. These options include:

  • Manual therapy (osteopathy): Our therapists use manual techniques to improve mobility and reduce pain.
  • Therapy spinal decompression: This non-invasive method that uses traction control to reduce the pressure on the intervertebral discs.
  • Infiltrations of corticosteroids: These injections can reduce inflammation and pain in the affected region.


The decompression neurovertébrale to the Clinic TAGMED

The Spinal decompression therapy is an innovative technique used to treat herniated discs and other spinal disorders. It offers a non-invasive alternative to surgery and can be particularly effective for patients who have not found relief with other treatment methods.


Herniated Disc Treatment In Montreal Tagmed Clinic Montreal Terrebonne


What is spinal decompression therapy?

The Spinal decompression therapy uses a specialized device to apply a controlled traction force to the spine. This force creates a space between the vertebrae, allowing the intervertebral discs to return to their normal shape and relieving pressure on the nerves.


How does the decompression neurovertébrale?

The Spinal decompression therapy is carried out on a specially designed table, where the patient lies comfortably. The device applies gentle, controlled traction, creating space between the vertebrae and allowing the discs to rehydrate and regenerate.


Benefits of decompression neurovertébrale


Who can benefit from spinal decompression therapy?

Neurovertebral decompression is suitable for those suffering from herniated discs, pain chronic back or neck, and other spinal-related problems. It offers a safe and effective alternative to surgery for many patients.


Neurovertebral decompression in Montreal: A revolution in the treatment of herniated discs

Spinal decompression therapy is a cutting-edge technique that has revolutionized the treatment of herniated discs and other spinal disorders. In Montreal, the Clinical TAGMED is proud to offer this innovative treatment method.


How does a spinal decompression therapy session take place?
  1. Initial assessment: Before treatment, a comprehensive assessment is carried out to understand the specific needs of the patient.
  2. Positioning on the table: The patient lies on a specially designed table, and straps are used to secure the body.
  3. Application of traction: The table applies controlled, targeted traction to the affected region, creating space between the vertebrae.
  4. Relaxation and recovery: After the session, the patient may experience immediate pain relief and improved mobility.


Results of spinal decompression therapy
  • Pain relief: Many patients report a significant reduction in pain after just a few sessions.
  • Restoration of function: There Spinal decompression therapy can help restore normal spinal function, allowing a return to daily activities.
  • Prevention of surgery: For some patients, the Spinal decompression therapy may eliminate the need for surgery.


Testimonials from patients treated for a herniated disc at our Montreal clinic

“After years of back pain, spinal decompression therapy at the Clinical TAGMED changed my life. I can finally enjoy my favorite activities without pain! » – Marie, Montreal

" There Spinal decompression therapy was my last chance before surgery. I am so grateful to have found TAGMED Clinic. The treatment was a total success! » – Jean, Montreal


Neurovertebral decompression: An in-depth exploration

The Spinal decompression therapy is a treatment method that has gained popularity in recent years, particularly for its effectiveness in treating herniated discs. Here is a more in-depth exploration of this technique.


The Science Behind Neurovertebral Decompression

The Spinal decompression therapy works by creating space between the vertebrae, allowing the intervertebral discs to rehydrate and regenerate. This method uses mechanics and biology to promote healing.

  1. Mechanical: Controlled traction creates space between the vertebrae, reducing pressure on the intervertebral discs.
  2. Biology: The space created allows nutrients and oxygen to enter the discs, promoting healing and regeneration.


Neurovertebral decompression as an alternative to surgery

Spine surgery may be a treatment option for herniated discs severe, but it carries risks and requires prolonged recovery. There Spinal decompression therapy offers a non-invasive alternative.


Neurovertebral decompression at the TAGMED Clinic in Montreal

The Clinique TAGMED is a leader in the field of spinal decompression therapy in Montreal. Here's why our clinic is the ideal choice for this treatment.

  1. Cutting edge technology: We use the latest generation equipment to ensure precise and efficient treatment.
  2. Qualified staff: Our team is highly qualified in the application of Spinal decompression therapy, guaranteeing safe and effective treatment.
  3. Personalized follow-up: Each patient receives personalized follow-up to ensure that the treatment is adapted to their specific needs.


Montreal: A city committed to health and well-being

Montreal is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city, known for its commitment to the health and well-being of its residents. The TAGMED Clinic is proud to be part of this community, offering quality care to the residents of Montreal and surrounding areas.


The TAGMED Clinic: A pillar of the Montreal community
  • Convenient location: Located in the heart of Montreal, the TAGMED Clinic is easily accessible by car or public transportation.
  • Education and awareness: The TAGMED Clinic is committed to educating the public about herniated discs and Spinal decompression therapy, offering free workshops and seminars.


Neurovertebral decompression: An even more in-depth exploration

The origins of spinal decompression therapy

The Spinal decompression therapy is not a new technique, but it has been perfected over the years through research and technology. Its origin dates back to manual therapies where practitioners used their hands to apply gentle traction to the spine.

  1. The first methods: Manual therapies, such as osteopathy, used traction to relieve pressure on the intervertebral discs.
  2. The evolution of technology: With the advancement of technology, specialized decompression tables have been developed to apply precise and controlled traction.
  3. Research and development: Continued research has refined the technique, better understanding how decompression affects the biology of the intervertebral discs.


Neurovertebral Decompression: Conditions Treated

1. Herniated Disc

  • Description: A herniated disc occurs when the nucleus of an intervertebral disc protrudes through the outer annulus fibrosus.
  • Treatment with Neurovertebral Decompression: Decompression relieves pressure on the disc, allowing the nucleus to return to its normal position and promoting healing.


2. Spinal Stenosis

  • Description: There stenosis spinal canal is a narrowing of the spinal canal that can compress nerves.
  • Treatment with Neurovertebral Decompression: Decompression widens the space in the spinal canal, reducing pressure on the nerves and relieving pain.


3. Sciatica

  • Description: Sciatica is pain that radiates along the sciatic nerve, often caused by compression of this nerve.
  • Treatment with Neurovertebral Decompression: Decompression can reduce sciatic nerve compression, relieving pain and inflammation.


4. Spondylolisthesis

  • Description: Spondylolisthesis occurs when one vertebra slips forward relative to the adjacent vertebra.
  • Treatment with Neurovertebral Decompression: Decompression helps realign the vertebrae and reduce pressure on surrounding nerves and tissues.


5. Chronic Back and Neck Pain

  • Description: Pain chronic back or neck can have a variety of causes, including disc problems, muscle strains, or joint problems.
  • Treatment with Neurovertebral Decompression: Decompression can relieve pressure on discs and joints, promoting muscle relaxation and pain reduction.


6. Radiculopathy

  • Description: Radiculopathy is irritation or compression of the nerve roots exiting the spine.
  • Treatment with Neurovertebral Decompression: Decompression can reduce pressure on nerve roots, relieving associated symptoms such as pain, tingling, or weakness.


The Spinal decompression therapy is a versatile and effective technique that can treat a variety of conditions related to the spine. By reducing pressure on the discs, nerves, and other structures of the spine, it provides relief for many patients who suffer from chronic pain and debilitating conditions.


At the TAGMED Clinic, this technique is applied by qualified professionals who understand the nuances of each condition and adapt the treatment to the specific needs of each patient.


Neurovertebral decompression at the TAGMED Clinic in Montreal: A patient experience

At Clinique TAGMED, we are committed to providing an exceptional patient experience. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Initial consultation: A comprehensive assessment to understand your needs and determine if the Spinal decompression therapy is the right treatment for you.
  2. Personalized treatment plan: A tailor-made treatment plan, designed to meet your specific needs.
  3. Treatment sessions: Regular sessions with our qualified team, using cutting-edge technology to apply decompression.
  4. Ongoing support: Ongoing support throughout your treatment, including adjustments to the treatment plan if necessary.



Herniated disc can be a debilitating condition, but with the right treatment approach, it is possible to return to a pain-free life. Neurovertebral decompression is an innovative treatment method that offers a non-invasive and effective solution.


In Montreal, the TAGMED Clinic is your partner of choice for the treatment of herniated discs. With a dedicated team and a patient-centered approach, we are here to help you regain health and well-being.


If you or a loved one is suffering from a herniated disc or other spinal issues, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about neurovertebral decompression and how we can help you.


Published research/studies in Spinal Decompression Therapy


Download the research that has been published regarding spinal decompression therapy:


Herniated Disc Treatment In Montreal Tagmed Clinic Montreal Terrebonne


FREE special report on spinal decompression to download

Herniated Disc Treatment In Montreal Tagmed Clinic Montreal Terrebonne





Frequently Asked Questions


  • How to get an appointment at the clinic TAGMED ?

    To get an appointment at the clinic TAGMED, you can call the center directly, either in Montreal at +1 (877) 672-9060 or in Terrebonne at (450) 704-4447. 

    You can also visit our website for more information and make your appointment online here .

  • How it takes time to get an appointment?

    Most of the appointments at the clinic TAGMED, for a person who is already a patient of our clinic, can be obtained the same day or the next day. Patients who require an emergency appointment can be seen on the same day, if they are willing to move to the Montreal clinical or Terrebonne, depending upon where the clinic is open that day. We are in Terrebonne on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and at Montreal on Tuesday and Thursday. Appointments for new patients are taken in general in less than 3 days. 

  • Running your first visit ?

    The first visit to the clinic TAGMED will take place in the following manner :

    • A staff member will greet you and ask you to fill out a form, health history, which includes information such as your medical history, your allergies or your current health problems. You'll have to sign an informed consent form. The purpose of informed consent is to ensure that the patient understands the full implications and risks associated with treatment, so they can make informed decisions and informed on how it wishes to proceed.
    • The waiting time in the waiting room is minimal and you'll be seen by our health care professional at the time of your appointment, if you won't be late, of course.
    • In this regard, please fill out the form, health history (download here ) before you go to your appointment. If you are not able to do so, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to have the time to fill it out before you meet our therapist.
    • Then, you will meet with one of the qualified practitioners to discuss the state of your health, and answer all of the questions or concerns that you may have.
    • Your physician may also perform a physical examination and/or suggest a variety of other tests (e.g., x-ray), if it is deemed necessary.
    • If your treatment requires a doctor's referral for brain scans, it will be discussed with the practitioner and the appropriate information will be provided to get this query.
    • Finally, your practitioner will discuss with you the measures to be taken regarding your treatment or your care plan and is able to respond to other questions that you may have on this subject so that you can make an informed decision.
    • In most cases, we will be able to begin the first treatment unless your condition requires further examination in order to exclude a pathology sub-jascente.
    • Calculate that you will be to our clinic for about 1 hour in total.
    • At the end of the treatment, you should pay the fees, as each time you visit.
    • We accept payment cash, debit, Visa or Mastercard.
    • We'll print it or send you by e-mail, a claim form to your insurance company.
    • You will need to schedule your next appointment with the receptionist, if this is suggested by your therapist. 
    • If your condition requires more than a treatment, we will explain to you the number of treatments you'll need, as well as the frequency of these treatments. As each patient is different, and that we do not know the severity or the nature of your health condition at the time you are reading this text, we are not able to provide you with more information in this regard. Moreover, all this will be discussed during your first visit. However, you can have a general idea of the course of your treatment for your particular condition by consulting our terms and conditions section and their treatment here 
  • How long will it take my first visit ?

    The duration from your first visit to the clinic TAGMED will depend on the reasons for which you came(e). However, in general it will be between 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

    You can help us to reduce the time you spend at our clinic in the form of the health history that you can download here 

    Finally, if you have not been able to complete our form, as mentioned above, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment in order to ensure that you have enough time to complete your form, to discuss it properly in your condition, complete the assessment and treatment.

  • What forms do I need to fill ?

    If you are a new patient, you can download the necessary forms before your first visit here

    If you are an existing patient, your therapist may ask you to fill out a form for re-evaluation: if you have a new condition or if you come for a re-evaluation of your condition after several visits.

  • Is what I'm going to be able to start my treatment at the first visit ?

    In general, it is possible that you may start your treatment on your first visit to the clinic TAGMED. 

    However, this will depend on the reasons for which you made an appointment, as well as the type and level of care you need. The staff will review each case individually and make a decision on the spot at the end of the initial review. 

    If you have already done reviews of X-Rays, MRIS (magnetic resonance), SCAN (axial tomography, or CT) Scan or ultrasound scan, and that you have déàa between your hands the written reports, please ensure you have them with you on your first visit to our clinic: we will start your treatment without delay.

    Therefore, It may be that you can start your treatment at the first visit to the clinic TAGMED, but this will depend on the nature of your visit and the severity of your condition: a simple back pain without neurological symptoms worrying can usually be treated at the first visit, and a herniated disc with sévéres numbness in the legs or arms requires medical imaging examinations before starting any treatment, to ensure that there is no contrindication to treatment and that we will be able to start a treatment safely.

    . The support and medical examinations will be performed during your appointment, and a customized treatment plan will be developed to meet your specific needs.


  • Does the TAGMED Clinic offer regular monitoring during treatment?

    Yes, we provide regular follow-up to assess progress and adjust treatment if necessary. 

  • How can I maximize the effectiveness of my treatment?

    Following your practitioner's recommendations, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and communicating openly about your progress and concerns are essential to maximizing the effectiveness of treatment. 

  • Is the treatment plan adjustable based on progression?

    Yes, treatment plans are re-evaluated and adjusted based on the patient's progress and response to treatments. 

  • How does the TAGMED Clinic assess treatment needs?

    We perform a comprehensive assessment during the first consultation to understand the specific needs of each patient. This assessment helps us develop a personalized treatment plan. 

  • Is it possible to predict exactly the number of treatments needed from the start?

    It is often difficult to accurately predict the exact number of treatments from the start. An initial assessment can give an estimate, but this may vary depending on the patient's response to treatment. 

  • What are the criteria influencing the number of treatments necessary?

    Several factors can influence the number of treatments required for each patient, including:

    • Severity and Chronicity of the Condition: More serious or chronic conditions may require more sessions.
    • Age of Patient: Age can influence recovery ability and response to treatment.
    • Daily activities : The type of activities, professional or leisure, can affect healing and the number of treatments.
    • Ability to Follow Instructions: Adherence to recommendations and post-treatment instructions plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of treatment.
    • General State of Health: Overall health, including other medical conditions, may influence response to treatment.
    • Individual Response to Treatment: Each individual responds differently to treatments, which may affect the number of sessions needed. 
  • Are there financing options for expensive treatments?

    We do not offer direct funding for treatments. We advise our patients on cost management and available payment options. 

  • How do I plan my treatments according to my budget?

    We are available to discuss processing and payment options tailored to your financial situation. 

  • Do you provide receipts for treatments?

    Yes, itemized receipts are provided for each treatment, useful for insurance reimbursements or tax deductions. 

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We require 24-48 hours notice for appointment cancellations or changes. 

  • Do you offer discounts, promotions or negotiations on your fees?

    We do not offer discounts, promotions, specials or negotiations on our fees. Our prices reflect the quality and value of the care we provide. 

  • Is it possible to get a quote over the phone?

    It is difficult to provide an accurate quote over the phone because assessing a patient's specific needs often requires an in-person exam. We recommend an initial consultation for an accurate assessment and personalized quote. 

  • Are there any hidden fees beyond the listed prices?

    We practice a policy of total transparency. All costs will be clearly communicated during your consultation. 

  • What payment options are available?

    We accept various payment methods, including cash, debit and credit cards. 

  • Are the treatments covered by health insurance?

    Many treatments may be partially or fully covered by insurance. We advise you to check the details of your cover with your insurer. 

  • Do you offer treatment packages?

    We do not offer treatment packages. As each patient has a unique health condition, our treatment plans are personalized and tailored to each individual. 

  • Are treatment prices fixed or can they vary?

    Our prices may change to reflect technological advances and market adjustments. We are committed to total transparency regarding our prices. 

  • How are treatment prices established at the TAGMED Clinic?

    Our prices are based on the use of high-tech equipment, the rarity and exclusivity of our treatments, and the extensive expertise and years of experience of our practitioners. 

  • What are the fees for your treatment ?

    The fees for the treatments at the clinic TAGMED vary depending on the type of treatment and services provided. We will provide you with a receipt for insurance needs and our rates are competitive. The best way to know the exact price is to consult our section "prices" here 

    In general, the first visit will cost you between $100 and $130depending on the treatment that will be necessary for your condition.

  • Is there a fee consultation and / or examination ?

    Yes and no: the clinical TAGMED bill a consultation fee only if the patient does not want to start treatment the same day of his first visit, and if this consultation took more than 15 minutes. However, if you do a treatment on the day of your first visit, we will charge no consultation fees: you only pay fees for the treatment you have received. See the price list of treatments here. Otherwise, the fee for an initial consultation will be $85.

    In the same way, there will be no charge for your initial exam, if you make your treatment the same day. 

    For information purposes, and to those who would not be certain of the difference between a treatment, a consultation and a review, here is a short summary: 

    A consultation is a discussion between a therapist and a patient in which the therapist asks questions about your state of health, and the condition for which you see, gives advice and offers different tests to evaluate you. 

    By contrast, a review is a procedure that allows the practitioner to gather more information about the health of the patient, and can include physical tests (amplitudes of motion, orthopedic tests, or neurological) or even an assessment based on the report of your test, X-ray, MRI, ct or ultrasound.

    Finally, a treatment is an intervention plan designed by a therapist to treat or reduce the symptoms of a health condition (eg, herniated disc) or injury (e.g. lumbar strain). Treatment may include treatment manuals, traction and/or therapies such as laser or the shockwave, as the case may be. See the list of treatments offered at the clinic TAGMED here .

  • How much will it cost me the first visit?

    The first consultation at the clinic TAGMED can cost between $75 and $185, depending on the type of treatment provided. Complementary therapies may incur additional fees. For example, if you consult us for the treatment of one or more herniated discs that are located in your lower back, you will pay $130 for a decompression treatment neurovertébrale to a region of your spine. By the way, if you'd rather a decompression treatment neurovertébrale for one (or more) herniated disk in your lower back, and a second treatment for a herniated disc (or several) in your neck, it cost $185, because it is of two treatments in two different regions (table decompression neurovertébrale can't do a pull-up of your neck and back at the same time: it may not be that of a region (the lower back or neck) at the same time. See the full list of prices by clicking here 


  • What kind of patients come to consult us ?

    The clinical TAGMED is a fascinating place. It serves a wide range of patients around the world, from athletes to people with chronic pain. Its services attract people of all ages, sexes and styles of life who are looking for health care to advanced taught by experts in the field. The patients come to the clinic for treatment that may not be available in their area, as well as to have access to specialists who can provide therapies complex. Everyone is always treated with respect and kindness, while benefiting from the latest advances in technology and medical. Therefore, if you need specialized care or if you want to be seen by most of the professional high-level, TAGMED is the place to go !

  • What is osteopathy specific ?

    Osteopathy is a manual therapy that involves manipulating the body to reduce pain, to discover the problems and restore the mechanics of the joints. Two osteopathic approaches very distinct osteopathy specific and osteopathy classical. Osteopathy is a more modern approach that uses the results based on evidence as well as current technologies, while osteopathy classic returns to the original form and uses manipulation deeper in the body, while relying on the intuition and experience of the osteopath. 

    Osteopathy is different from the osteopathy classical: it is a unique form of manual medicine focusing on the precise treatment of dysfunctions, musculoskeletal treatments scientists based on evidence. This technique aims to reduce the aches and pains, while offering many of the patients mobility. Osteopaths also attach importance to the general state of health, taking into account the mode of life and emotional states before choosing an appropriate treatment plan. It is particularly suited to those who prefer the natural alternatives to medical treatment because osteopathy is not just to bring relief, but also encourages the well-being in the long term.

    Osteopaths are specific practitioners highly qualified who do not use their hands to assess and treat various physical dysfunctions of the body: they also use brain scans (X-rays, MRI, ct or ultrasound) and in the complementary therapy of high technology. His treatments are very specific to the condition of the patient and, therefore, much more efficient and safer. 

    For example, a herniated disc does not examine uvec mobilizations in osteopathic structural classic. Although this technique can provide some relief in the short term, it will have no benefit in the medium or long term. However, many clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the treatment of decompression neurovertébrale for the treatment of herniated discs. See some of the scientific articles published on the decompression neurovertébrale here 

  • Do I use ice or heat to relieve my pain ?

    One of the difficulties the most persistent faced by many people is to find a relief from pain. Unfortunately, there is no single answer to the question of whether ice or heat is the best solution to relieve your pain. It all depends on the nature and location of the pain. If you are suffering from a strain or sprain of muscle, the application of ice will help to reduce inflammation in the affected area and provide you with usually more comfort. For joint problems such as arthritis, which cause stiffness, the heat will generally be more beneficial to soothe the area, and increase flexibility. If you are not sure which method to use, consulteznous to see more clearly. See our simplified guide in French here or in English here .

  • Do I need to take x-rays to receive care at the clinic TAGMED?

    In TAGMED, we strive to provide the best care to all our patients. The health and safety of our patients is our top priority, so in some cases it may be necessary to x-rays in order to receive the best care possible. Our team of professionals will determine if x-rays are necessary or not, and explain the reasons for any request, as x-rays. Understanding why a test or procedure is necessary can help alleviate the discomfort and help you make informed decisions about your care. 

    We all need to pay attention to the frequency of our x-rays, because excessive exposure to ionizing radiation may present a significant risk to health. The physician should prescribe x-rays of the exams really necessary, ensuring that these reviews are carried out in the safest way possible, with the help of armour and specialized techniques. Patients also play an important role in limiting their own exposure by asking difficult questions on each x-ray which they may need, and understanding why it is medically necessary to assess their own risk. By taking these measures, we can ensure that the exposure to ionizing radiation is kept to an absolute minimum while providing health professionals with the diagnostic images necessary to make informed decisions.

    Please be assured that if x-rays are recommended, it is that they are required to provide you with the most appropriate care for your condition of health !

  • How should I prepare for the first visit to the clinic TAGMED ?

    In order to be prepared for your first visit to the clinic TAGMED, we recommend that you :

    • Prepare a list of questions and know your medical history, current (including medicines that you take).
    • Take all the relevant information such as the results of examinations or laboratory tests performed by a health care professional before.
    • If you have a ticket to a ref;erence to another specialist, please bring it.
    • If you have developed symptoms of new or unusual between the time the appointment was scheduled, and the moment you arrive at the clinic, please report them to the health care professional that you evaluera.
    • Download, print and fill out our form health history here 
    • Ffamiliarisez you with the different treatments offered at our clinic and know what you can expect.
    • Also, make sure to be aware of the different risks and possible side effects associated with the treatment offered by the clinic Tagmed. 
    • You should also take all necessary measures (e.g. apply ice to the area swollen) in order to ensure that your body is ready to receive a new treatment.
    • Finally, if you were unable to complete our form, as mentioned above, arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to ensure you have enough time to discuss your condition, make the assessment and your treatment.
  • Your treatments, to the clinic TAGMED, require-t-they a doctor's referral ?

    Most of the treatments offered at the clinic TAGMED can be taken without a referral or prescriptionfor an initial consultation. 

    That being said, if your state requires a treatment for a specific condition such as herniated disc, your doctor may recommend a review of medical imaging (X-Rays, MRI SCAN) that is appropriate and tailored to your needs.

    If you have already done these exams, please get results and have on hand during your first visit to our clinic.

  • What health conditions do you treat at the clinic TAGMED ?

    Our experienced therapists have the expertise necessary to evaluate and treat a wide range of musculoskeletal problems, including chronic back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Using the highly specialised treatment, they can help relieve the referred pain away from areas that have been injured to the original - thus improving the overall quality of life of their patients. 

    More specifically, The clinical TAGMED treats a variety of health conditions, including:

    • Musculoskeletal (muscle and joint pain)
    • Sports injuries and/or professional
    • Chronic pain and/or acute
    • Carpal tunnel Syndrome
    • Herniated disc
    • Heel Spur

    And many other conditions. To see the full list and more details about each condition click here 

  • Is it that your treatments are covered by my insurance collective ?

    The treatments offered at the clinic TAGMED may be covered by your insurance. The amount of refund will depend on the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, and the services that are provided. We recommend that you contact your insurer for more information and clarify the amount that you will receive a refund.

    Please be aware that the insurance cover health care offered by professionals (e.g. osteopath or naturopath) rather than to a particular treatment, such as the traction robotic (decompression neurovertébrale).

    Moreover, even if we are a member of several associations, insurers may at any time to include or exclude an association of a very random and this, without that we are made aware. 

  • What are the treatments offered at the clinic TAGMED ?

    The clinical TAGMED offers a variety of treatments, including osteopathy, the decompression neurovertébrale, laser therapy and shockwave therapy or shockwave. Each of these treatments is designed to help relieve pain and improve the function of the body. Treatments may include manual movements specific, stretching, or traction specialized, mobilizations and complementary therapies that aim to treat your health condition in a very specific way in order to get a fast relief and sustainable.

    Our forward-thinking approach to health care means that we use technology the most reliable and well-documented, and supported by scientific research are substantial. Get ready to enjoy a level of care unmatched !

    You can get more details about our treatments here 

  • Do your osteopathic treatments at TAGMED include massage?

    No, osteopathy treatments offered at the clinic TAGMED are treatments ostéopatie structural evidence-based and do NOT include massages. The techniques of osteopathy used may vary depending on your condition and the recommended treatment by the staff in caring for you.

    The main difference between massage therapy and osteopathy lies in the fact that the massage therapy is only focused on relaxation and the treatment of muscle tension, while osteopathy offers a more holistic approach aimed at correcting the structural dysfunctions and to restore the normal movement of the body. Massage therapy will not be able to directly fix these structural dysfunctions, while osteopathy seeks to understand the underlying cause of the problem and to solve the latter using a variety of manual techniques.

  • How long will my treatment ?

    The duration of each visit to the clinic TAGMED will depend on your plan of initial treatment and the type of treatment used in your case. The care may vary depending on the diagnosis and may take a long time to more complex procedures. Nevertheless, most of the appointments are intended to be short and precise, in order to ensure that you get the best treatment possible.

    In this regard, treatment of shockwave can take up to 5 minutes for some conditions, while a decompression treatment neurovertébral for a herniated disc requires a combined treatment for 30 minutes in total. For the treatment of osteopathy, here is our WARNING : Unlike most clinics osteopathy, we do not believe that a general treatment of a fixed duration (e.g. 60 minutes) is the most effective way to solve health problems for which you visit us : osteopathy specific is more accurate and more efficient than the traditional osteopathy, because the treatment is more specific and customized to the exact condition of the patient. Therefore, the treatment of osteopathy specific usually takes 10 to 30 minutes depending on the condition to be treated and the level of pain and/or inflammation. In general, the more the person suffers less intervention will be long term, since we should then quickly relieve the pain without irritating advantage of the structure where the inflammation occurs. Obviously, if you search for a long-term treatment of relaxation, you are not in the right place. However, if you would like a specific treatment, customized according to your requirement, and effective, you have found the clinic which may help you.

  • How much treatment is what I'll need ?

    It is difficult to predict how many treatments will be needed at the clinic TAGMED because this will depend on the specific needs of the patient and the treatment plan developed by the staff in caring for you. 

    Moreover, the amount of processing that you will need to the clinic TAGMED will depend on your health condition, its chronicity, its severity and the recommendations of the therapist. Treatments can range from a simple test, in a series of visits to monitor your progress and adjust the treatment plan accordingly.

    For example, a simple backache recent may require a single treatment, while a herniated disc may need several weeks of care.

    Thanks to our experience of over 30 years in this field and our clinical judgment based on evidence and your exams imgerie, we will be able to accurately answer this question after you have met. 

    We can not answer such a question on the phone: this would be a demonstration of a blatant lack of skill and judgment...

    "Good osteopaths do everything in their power to help their patients feel better as quickly as possible with as few treatments as required, reducing and finally the care of a follow-up plan as needed. They also give advice on how to avoid problems in the future by assessing the activities related to the mode of life, ergonomics, posture and orthotic devices."

  • Is that all patients are treated the same way ?

    No, all patients are not treated in the same way to the clinic TAGMED. The therapists and staff take into account each patient and his or her unique condition to develop a customized treatment plan that works best for each individual patient.

    In summary, not one treatment is the same because you are unique !



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Preparations for the treatment of spinal decompression therapy for herniated disc

  • Book your appointment online or contact our staff at the TAGMED clinic to book your appointment by phone.
  • Before going to the TAGMED clinic from Montreal or Terrebonne for a first treatment, there are certain things that you should absolutely do. First, make sure you have your medical imaging reports (X-ray, MRI or ultrasound) available.
  • Also, make sure you are aware of the various possible risks and side effects associated with treatment at Tagmed Clinic. You should also take all necessary measures (ex. Apply ice to the inflamed area to ensure that your body is ready for further treatment.
  • Also, make sure you are aware of the different risks and possible side effects associated with the treatment proposed by the Tagmed clinic. You should also take all necessary measures (e.g., apply ice to the inflamed area) to ensure that your body is ready to receive a new treatment.
  • Finally, if you were unable to complete our form, as mentioned above, arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to ensure you have enough time to discuss your condition, make the assessment and your treatment.

To be completed before your consultation at TAGMED clinic

Download, print and complete this questionnaire (your health history), before consulting us, in order to save time. (Click on the tablet!)

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