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At TAGMED Clinic, our top priority is to provide excellent health care to people from all walks of life, regardless of their financial situation or ability. We understand that health care can sometimes be expensive, which is why we are happy to accept most group insurance plans to help alleviate some of these costs.

Sports Injury Treatment

A New Treatment for Sports Injuries It doesn't matter if you play soccer on the weekend or ice hockey for a professional league, sports injuries are a calculated risk for athletes. Now, trainers and athletes are using gentle laser as part of their training strategy because they can decrease recovery time by increasing tissue repair after an intense workout.

Osteopath Terrebonne Mascouche

  Clinique TAGMED de Terrebonne The Clinique TAGMED de Terrebonne, located at 1150 rue Lévis, suite 200, in Terrebonne (next to Mascouche), is an establishment [...]

Emergency - Osteopath Montreal

At TAGMED, getting fast and effective osteopathic care in the Montreal area has never been easier! Our clinics located in Town of Mount Royal (near the L'Acadie metro station) offer a peaceful haven with modern facilities where patients can relax knowing that they will receive superior health care when they need it most!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

  The best non-surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome: laser therapy! Introduction to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Introduction [...]


  Osteopathy in Montreal and Terrebonne: the only emergency service providing you with competent osteopaths every day, except Saturdays and [...]

Spinal decompression

    Neurovertebral Decompression: an effective and safe solution to chronic back and neck pain, herniated discs and bulging discs [...]
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