Sports injuries are injuries sustained by athletes or people engaged in any type of physical activity. These injuries can range from minor issues, such as sprains and strains, to more serious issues, such as broken bones and torn ligaments. Common causes of sports injuries are overexertion, contact with another person or object, and improper training techniques. Treatment for sports injuries depends on the severity of the injury, but may include rest, ice, compression, elevation, medication, osteopathy, laser therapy, shockwave or surgery.


Sports Injury Treatment

A New Treatment for Sports Injuries It doesn't matter if you play soccer on the weekend or ice hockey for a professional league, sports injuries are a calculated risk for athletes. Now, trainers and athletes are using gentle laser as part of their training strategy because they can decrease recovery time by increasing tissue repair after an intense workout.

Laser therapy

Medical Laser Therapy: healing at the speed of light Unlike lasers used in surgery or aesthetics, laser therapy or laser [...]
Sports Injury Treatment
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